World Domination Pinball

A custom made, scratch built pinball machine


It is a universally acknowledged truth that a pinball machine needs a theme. Deciding on one was certainly difficult, as I had heaps of ideas. Being a bit of a gamer, I originally was going to do a Half-Life theme. Instead I found I could draw more inspiration and material from Evil Genius. Rather than doing a straight copy of the game, I used a lot of the awesome concepts (like minions, henchmen, acts of infamy) and developed them to better suit the pinball format. I also got inspiration from many of the James Bond movies and villains.

My theme was simple: rather than the player taking on the role of a good James Bond type character and fighting the villain, I turned the roles upside down (things are already upside down in Australia anyway). I made the player the ‘Evil Genius’, who is plotting world domination through various villainous schemes and occasionally fighting a ‘Super Agent’.

I decided that the main score for the game should be a percentage of world domination complete. The player starts at 0% and should probably aim for 100%, although it’s just a score so it can go over 100. The other main game concepts are explained on the player instruction card:

scorecardNext up: Art


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