World Domination Pinball

A custom made, scratch built pinball machine

Moving Target

One awesome idea I came up with for the playfield was a target that could move around. This target became the “Super Agent” that tries to stop your world domination plans. I took apart an old printer, stripped the belt and motor out and rigged it up so a target attached to the belt moved across the playfield.



The whole thing is controlled using an ATMega8 and a L293D H-Bridge chip for the motor. There is a switch at either end of the belt to trigger a change of direction. The target itself is a switch, consisting of two metal rectangles with a small separation. If the target is hit with enough force, the two rectangles make electrical contact which is relayed to the microcontroller through two thin copper wires. This may sound fragile, but it works surprisingly well. Check out the video to see it in action.

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3 thoughts on “Moving Target

  1. can we see it being hit?

    Really cool project.!!!

    I love the theme

    • Ack, I’m in another country right now so I can’t take any more videos. I should take a video of it on the finished machine. If it get’s hit it just moves back to the right side.

  2. very cool…. seem to recall another moving target once in a pinball, mounted on a circular arm, mounted beneath the table, moving back and forth above the table, for about a quarter arc or so, but not sure if it is really out there. has anyone else seen it? cant find it with google so far. it would be neat to find all the cases of moving targets in pinball games. they seem not so common yet its a simple & compelling idea.

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