World Domination Pinball

A custom made, scratch built pinball machine


minionI’ve learnt a ton of stuff building this project. From coil switching electronics to art and aesthetics. I have spent countless hours over 6 years and about $2000 worth in parts and materials. For that price I could have bought a perfectly good pinball machine. But where’s the fun in that?

One interesting thing about the finished machine, is that it seems I made the scoring system way too difficult. The score is a percent of world domination, and the highscore at the moment is about 18%. Most casual players seems to get less than 4%. Needless to say this infuriates them, and I am told I should make it easier. Come on people! World Domination isn’t supposed to be easy!

Would I build one again?

Yes! If I had the time. I would be smarter about the build however, and use CNC machines where possible to get a better build quality, and re-use the electronics design work I’ve done. All up, the project was great fun to work on and now I have a machine to play!

Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts on “Conclusion

  1. Thats amazing! Great work! I would love to build my own and could definately handle the welding, art and woodwork, I am useless when it comes to electronics so I think I wouldn’t stand a chance!

  2. Mate, I just stumbled on your site as I’m thinking of a similar project to make a present for my Nephews. You are a legend! I just love the attention to detail and the breadth of skills you have needed to see this through. I think I’m going to have to rethink my timescales….

  3. ‘Hi Tom, very good and im into using ATMEGA, very nice. I am going to start my own pinball project, it was nice reading this.
    Very good work.

  4. Tom, who made the PCB boards.?? You wrote something about a company in china?

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