World Domination Pinball

A custom made, scratch built pinball machine

Cabinet Construction

You would think that a pinball cabinet would be straightforward to build. It’s just a box on legs after all. Actual cabinets (as I found out later) are not perfect rectangular prisms and have the legs angled outwards slightly (for stability?). You will also find that the playfield is typically not parallel to the glass on top. My design was simply a box on legs, with the glass and playfield at the same angle. This is something I would probably change in retrospect. I constructed most of it out of some thick plywood, reinforced the corners with pine, and used mild steel angle for the legs. I built the cabinet before most of the playfield, so it was difficult to know how much space was needed on the inside. As a result, I made the cabinet bigger than it actually needed to be, but it sure is solid!


I welded some threads to the bottom of the legs so adjustable feet could be screwed in.


For the glass top I used an old shower screen, which turns out to be two strong sheets of glass laminated together. Just what I needed and a good case of recycling. I added some aluminium trim on the sides, held in place by hex bolts and blind nuts.


All that’s left was to paint it a nice blue, and add some decorations.

IMG_2597  IMG_2960

Next: Backboard Construction


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