World Domination Pinball

A custom made, scratch built pinball machine


I’m an engineer, not an artist. I prefer nice straight lines and isometric views, so I found doing any artwork hard and time consuming. Luckily, Krysten Cox, an artist friend of mine was happy to do lots of cartoony sketches and create an awesome set of themed artwork. For the art on the backboard I planned to create a big digital image and print it out on translucent paper. I digitized all the paper sketches from Krysten and then traced over and coloured them in Photoshop. Here are some ‘good guy’ characters I started to digitize but didn’t end up using:


The final backboard art took quite a while to trace, colour and assemble, but I absolutely love the result:


The playfield art was hand painted by myself and Krysten. This was a fairly time consuming process for me, as I’m not much of an artist. Overall, the playfield artwork took a year by itself with me working on it off and on. However the result is one of the most satisfying aspects of the whole machine. We used standard acyrlic paints, and then I applied several coats of a clear automotive paint to seal it in.

IMG_4096  IMG_4103

IMG_4118  IMG_4656

Next: Construction


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